The MG D Group


The D Group exists to help and encourage owners of the 8/33 MG Midget Sports Series D (Long Chassis); in maintaining, running or restoring their cars.

Also to record and maintain a list of all known surviving chassis throughout the world and collect details, history and pictures of those cars in whatever format they are now in.

The Group has drawings and sketches for several parts and can supply detail photographs of most items. It also endeavours to have manufactured parts unobtainable elsewhere, in particular items which were only fitted to the D. The Group publishes a quarterly newsletter, called ‘Dispatch’, available free of charge by e-mail or post to owners and other interested parties.

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Dispatch 63 – Summer 2019

NEWS AND VIEWS Well, summer might well be better this year, we’ve already had some warm sunny days and what an Easter here in the UK! MGCC Silverstone has been…
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Dispatch 62 – Spring 2019

NEWS AND VIEWS Good response to Dispatch 61, thank you! Because of the size, of the 3 page file, I had to send it in sections – a few addresses…
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