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This is a free of charge service for Group members and free to any seller of a D item! Sellers or buyers details are not published but kept by where all enquiries and applications for items to be included should be made.

For Sale

Alloy Wings Alloy Wings

Unused pair of front wings made by Wakefields in alloy, about 30 years ago, £850, but cheaper than todays prices.

Contact Mark Green on


Petrolift - rebuilt and in primer - £200

Contact Mark Green on

undertray undertray

Front undertrays beautifully made to order in aluminium for D/J1/F1 £200

Contact Paul Robinson on 01509 415691 or 07510 342452.

Brand new, old stock, Pistons for D/J Types, +30 clamp type .
Sale price - £85.00

Telephone Andrew on: 07963 524490

More D parts for sale:

  • 2 original D Type doors, timbers good, useable condition SOLD
  • Original bonnet also useable SOLD
  • Front engine mounting
  • Brand new front engine bearing

Further information and details from Andrew on 07873 741557

Parts for disposal from the rebuild of MMM DO 489

  • Pair of original front seats - SOLD
  • Fire wall not original but re-useable
  • Bonnet valance, both sides reusable or patterns
  • Two sets of cut planks to make two pairs of hood carrying brackets, drawing available.
  • One glove box shell original - SOLD
  • One Lucas windscreen wiper motor 6volt fitted with new shaft.
  • Two doors suitable as patterns - SOLD
  • Steel skinning from scuttle for pattern

Offers for collection to Gerry Annetts Tel 01905 774509
trip lever

Brand new trip lever for side of speedo. £3.50 plus postage. contact Peter Frost/David Robinson as below


English walnut 3/4" finished dashboard complete with lids, knobs, ball catches and hinges (180o or original) £200 each


Walnut knobs for glove box doors finished with double ended screw fix. £4 each

Set of 4 180 degree glove box door hinges. £8 the set.

Instrument Panel

Centre Instrument panel. Brass two pack stoved and engraved letters in white. £50 each

Buttons' for above. Brass Nickel/chrome plated. 'MG', 'Rotax' and Ignition warning light complete with red lens. £7 each

3 Leg bulb holders. Steel bright zinc plated. £5 each

Ignition light Aluminium spun bulb cup. £5 each.

Bulb holder as Lucas model W.L.4. In Black Nylon and screw insert with 12v 0.2A bulb. £6 each


Glove box in zinc etch primer/undercoated sprayed black satin and lined in black felt. £17 each.

all the above represent a virtually complete new dash board for D,J1 or F1,apart from the actual instruments, and the quality is superb. Please contact David Robinson 01162 605998 or Peter Frost direct.

Tool Box Catches

Remake of the Cheney Tool Box catches Nickel plated. £10 pair. Please contact David Robinson 01162 605998 or Peter Frost direct.

The EX120 replica

The EX120 Replica, built by Nigel Musselwhite on Chassis D0460 in the seventies, is for sale in Sweden. Read more here

New layshafts for 3 speed boxes. See Dispatch 20 for details.

Gearbox, 3 and 4 speed, rebuilding service. See Dispatch 20 for details.

Petrol door hinges and doors. See Dispatch 20 for details.


Original D Type 3 speed gearbox or the end plate with the vertical speedo drive

Speedo drive 8/14 ratio.

Windscreen stanchions (supports)