Dispatch 56 – Autumn 2017


I received a ‘report’ from Mike and Jean Jakeman in May about their then recent exploits in D0427; it was too late unfortunately for the June 1st edition so here are some highlights and a picture. They attended VSCC Silverstone in April, a trip round the Bourne(Lincs.) area for Drive it Day,and took part in the VSCC Derby Tour in May – the only MG entered. On the last weekend in May they attended a 40’s dance held in the hanger at East Kirby (Lancaster bomber fame – well known to the attendees of the Triple M Register Lincolnshire Wolds Tour back in 2015) with over 200 people in period costumes! Our picture shows D0427 in front of said hanger parked next to a 1937 ambulance which was used in Dunkirk and recovered from France. Apart from the modern cones, and maybe the colour, this could have been a wartime picture!

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MG Silverstone Live in June had no D Types on either days but a few owners! The overall layout was an improvement on recent years and the separate marquee for the Triple M Register/Triple M Racing was an excellent idea and a credit to those who manned it.

In July was PreWar Prescott – probably the D Group’s premier event; we’ve attended in an ‘official’ capacity at every one! We couldn’t match last year’s record of 8 D’s and for all sorts of reasons we only managed 5. Good to see Digby and Julia Gibbs there with virtually all the family despite D0377 not being ready in time. Apart from a couple of quick showers the weather was good and just after lunch we were subjecting to dive bombing by a Spitfire in spectacular style. We also again had our own rally plaque for the occasion, with just a change of date and colour on last years, and we may well do the same for next year! The date for next year’s PreWar Prescott has already been set as July 21st 2018. Shall we try for another record?

I was due to attend the first PreWar Shuttleworth in D0464 but due to various circumstances didn’t make it but will try harder next year! (Sunday 29th July 2018).

Our friends on the Continent have been busy too; Bob Nosbusch posted this picture of Mike Schmit’s D0366 on our Facebook page whilst on the ‘Journee Vieille Carrosserie’ rally in Luxembourg in July.

And how many of you spotted the video, also on our face book page, of Vincent Dransart in France, firing up the engine of D0456 for the first time back in June – his excuse for not attending Silverstone that month!

Last but by no means least, a couple of recent pictures of a body virtually ready for metal skinning. This is Gary Krukoski’s D0263 in the States. If you had seen what he started with, and the fact he borrowed some wood pieces from me to copy, sent there and back across the Atlantic, this is a great credit to him.

Looking forward to seeing the finished car eventually. Keep up the good work!


1) We showed the solid filling pieces to go between the front undertray and the chassis in the last issue; well thanks to Peter Frost again we can now show you the back ones. These are a much simpler design and described as ‘angle plates’ in the D ‘List of Spare parts’ booklet.

The part numbers were 1434(short) for front of footwell and 1435(Long) for rear of footwell – these were for chassis up to D0350 and were 1436 and 1437 for chassis D0351 onwards. All were just 4pence each! From the picture we can see signs of felt or rubber backing to improve the sealing.

2) That Shutter oil gauge again! Does anyone have a broken or damaged one which could be loaned so that a small batch of new replicas could be made? Anything condition considered!

3) Is anyone in need of a windscreen frame? Early days but we know of one coming up complete with side supports. Let me know if you are.

4) Finally there is a tool listed in the D spare parts booklet described as a ‘Contact breaker Spanner’ – does anyone know what it looks like? There seems some confusion with a Magneto Spanner.


Originally the D Type, as with many other small cars of that era, were fitted with the Lucas TF201 tail light. As shown this was pretty small and whilst, to an extent, lighting up the number plate it didn’t include a brake light. Laws in the UK changed all that and there were certain minimum sizes the lens should be; in addition, there had to be two, one each side, and include brake lights.

Most owners opt to fit the ST38 ‘Pork Pie’ rear lights in pairs. The ST38 was first introduced by Lucas in 1933/4. This lamp is now available in several forms including one incorporating the flashing indicator.

However, an earlier lamp, the Rotax 706, also pictured here, was fitted to the F Types, which as you are probably aware were built alongside the D but continued production for much longer. These seem particularly rare these days and expensive if you find one however, they are about, and at least one D owner is going to fit them!

The point of these article is to bring your attention to the LED inserts which are available for ST38 and some other lamps. The brighter light and other benefits offered from LED some people feel are a safer option in today’s traffic. Lew Palmer in the States (no stranger to Triple M!) is in the prototype stage of making a LED insert for the Rotax 706 and is trying to assess possible demand – he doesn’t need many to make production viable! See the website www.brittrix.com for more information on LED inserts. If you are interested in some for the 706 let me know in the first instance.


We’ve had a couple of enquiries in the last month or so trying to trace two Ds from their registration numbers. The first is from Tony Selman and is PO 5028; it comes with a super picture showing his mother Mrs Kathleen Selman stood next to the car and was taken in September 1939.

In early 1945 it survived a garage collapse caused by a nearby V2 explosion! The number is still registered on DVLA but untaxed and we are trying to trace the owner through them. It is possible, by process of elimination, that it is chassis number D0317 but we can’t be sure yet.
The other registration is GX 8702 and was last ‘seen’ when it was sold in 1963. Again we don’t have a chassis number or pictures.

Unfortunately the early 60’s were not good years for old cars – many ended up in the scrap yard!

If the above ring any bells with anyone we’d be pleased to hear from you.


I know this isn’t strictly D Type but I know we have many non-D readers out there but can you help identifying the windscreen support shown below the D one in this picture?

This was posted on the ‘Technical Information Forum’ on the Triple M Register website on 17th August but I suspect not too many of you saw it. Could it be for an N Type?