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Firstly, Bill and I wish you a Delightful Christmas and as I said this time last year – let’s hope next year will be better than this one!
Some events were managed despite the lock downs; Mike Jakeman in D0427 managed a few outings including the VSCC Suffolk Tour in September and attended the Stamford Car Show, also that month, and pictured below/

Further afield the very rare Jarvis bodied, supercharged D0360 of Carlo Schmitz is pictured here at a Cercle Triple-M meeting in Luxembourg earlier in the summer:

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As I always say it’s nice to see some period pictures of our cars – even if some haven’t survived. A regular contributor to the cause is Cathelijine Spoelstra, one of the Triple M Registrars and the Triple M correspondent for ‘Safety Fast’. Here are two more from her.

Firstly is this picture from the Western Mail (South Wales newspaper) on 17th July 1936 showing D0438 just finishing on the Welsh rally that year which had several starting points.

Poor quality and not a survivor unfortunately but good to see. The next is one of a set of three black and white photos of D0337 taken in 1981.

Happily, this car is a survivor and resides in excellent condition in Sweden.

It was a welcome return to PreWar Prescott back in September and a great turnout of cars it was too with a good selection of trade stalls. Unfortunately not so much in the D Group spot; stalwarts Digby Gibb in D0377 and John Emmett in D0430 were there but unfortunately Bill just couldn’t get his refurbished head finished in time in D0253 and after only about a mile I had to return home in D0464 with fuel tap problems (my fault!). The date for next year has already been set as the 16th July and entry forms are on the PWP website.

Are yours round the right way

I’ve seen several pictures over the years of D Types ( and probably including J1s and F1s) where the headlamp brackets are round the wrong way – or on the opposite sides to what they should be. The brackets are completely interchangeable with each other and it is easy to suppose that they should be the ‘wrong’ way round before attaching the headlamp!

Compare the headlamp position on the early picture above of D0337 with this one of D0464.

Basically the hole for the headlamp bolt should be behind the crossbar, which joins the two brackets, and not in front of it.

Whilst on the subject we sold a pair of these brackets some months ago now but another rebuild is in urgent need. Have you got a spare pair by any chance – even single ones would be of interest as we may be able to make a pair up from them.

Bits and Pieces

Another urgent requirement for the same rebuild as above is for a pair of the clamps marked number 3 on this section of a Sports and Vintage B1 drawing. They fit into item 4 and clamp round the back axle casing.

Again, a single would be of interest if you don’t have a spare pair! Contact me on if you can help.

Petrol gauge for a d type?

Some readers might remember the ‘works’ dip stick type fuel gauge that rests in the tank under the cap – see Dispatches 14 and 18 – very useful but not too handy when driving!

Gerry Annetts (D0489) has successfully installed a ‘proper’ gauge in his car and kindly shares his story and writes:

After searching for some considerable time for a reliable modern type fuel gauge for the D, and for a replacement for the troublesome Hodson unit fitted to the Riley Kestrel, I located a suitable unit made by Durite.

It is available in parts or as a kit to purchase direct from Durite or Vehicle Wiring Products of Ilkeston, Derbyshire and probably from others too. I’d had good service from VWP in the past so elected to buy from them:

  1. Vertical Pole Tank Sender Unit, comes in different lengths but the 290mm one is ideal for the D. Part number 52593. But search on ‘sender unit’.
  2. Fuel Gauge – part number 52306

Fitting: I was lucky, the D already had a hole in the top of the tank, but roughly made and patched up, but I cleaned this up and made a suitable flange to suit the new sender unit.

I had previously installed a 7 core cable trailer harness to serve all the rear lighting when I restored the car which gave me spare wires to connect the sender unit to the gauge. When driving in traffic I realised that it would be useful to have finger tip control of the indicator switch, horn and a warning light for high beam. I made a small control panel into which these and the new fuel gauge were fitted and this is located behind the steering wheel.