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I’ve been suitably admonished about my point in the last issue saying that MGCC was working to 2024 as the centenary of the make – they are very much working to 2023 as all other clubs and organisations. Seems one of the rumours was caused by the old Longbridge organisation bringing out anniversary models based on 1924. I sit corrected and look forward to next year’s celebrations!

A reminder of spring is this super picture of Vincent Dransart’s D0456 on a run earlier this year with the blossom in full bloom.

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Triple M Racing got underway again this year too with meetings at Brands Hatch and Cadwell Park. Here is a super Colin Murrell atmospheric photo of Chris Edmundson in D0442 at Brands in March.

As stated in the last issue MGCC’s MG Live at Silverstone is on June 11/12. I hope to be there on both days but certainly on the Saturday but not in a D. Our premier event, as usual, will be PreWar Prescott on Saturday July 16th. At the time of writing we have 5 D entries so would like to see a few more!

If your attending I’ll send you the above plaque but if anyone else would like one just let me know. We shall not have our own marquee this year but hope to be sharing the Triple M Register’s one!

Regular readers will recall the discovery of D0414 in India back in Dispatch 41 in 2013; well here is the latest picture of the car, now fully restored;

Quite an achievement in a country with not much Triple M knowledge or parts round the corner!

Another period picture of a D cropped up on the Triple M Register forum for discussion month or so ago. This is D0301 which we’re pretty sure has survived but under a different registration number, we are checking.

Bits and Pieces

1. Peter Frost has been busy again and has made a superb set of wipers. There is some debate as to which particular type of wipers were fitted to the D and I am sure the early cars had very different ones to the later cars. These exact replicas made by Peter we know were fitted to Fs and J1s so possible to have been on the later Ds. Front and back pictures herewith:

They are made of stainless steel and the blades has Viton rubber inserts to withstand UV degradation and needless to say the sets are first class quality. Peter has just 3 sets left at £114.00 each plus postage. Contact him on if interested.

2. I have for sale a set of four D bonnet catches. As per picture they are in excellent condition;  One has been chromed the other 3 are self colour. As you are probably aware the catches were originally painted bonnet colour but over the years, and during restorations, most have been chromed.

Asking £80 for the four plus postage at cost.

Rain Channel

I have collected quite an array of different rain channels over the years as this picture shows – some original some new! My own D0311 has evidence of one fitted but was missing and they are connected to the bulkhead under the rear part of the bonnet hinge over the tool box.

The angle is approximately 105 degrees, the support brackets are turned inside and the top edges are turned outwards to overlap about 1/8” to avoid a sharp edge. It is only fixed at the bulk head end – the front, small end is free floating. Do not buy the one available for the J2 as that has a cable carrier attachment underneath and will not fit on the D. If you would like further measurements or details I should have a drawing/sketch available by the time you read this – just send me an email.