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Well, apart from meeting up with some old friends, MG Live at Silverstone back in June was another disappointment from a Triple M point of view. The ‘traders city’ of old has long gone and there were no dealers for any T Type or pre-war spares. I counted about 20 triple M cars in the allotted parking on the Saturday, including some rare ones but no D Types!

I wonder why the VSCC can use the smaller circuit there and hold a Triple M race while the MGCC use the larger circuit, supposedly unsuitable for older cars, and invite Porsche and Aston Martin etc. to have races? I suspect financial issues.
However Pre-War Prescott in July was as good as ever and the weather was superb. Several stalls were present including Barry Walker. We shared the Triple M Register marquee instead of erecting our own cumbersome one! The attached picture shows D0464 (KF 9531) in front of it, and you can just make out our banner inside on the right.

The gentleman manning the desk is Fred Boothby; the car on the extreme left is a J3, the blue car on the left of D0464 is a J1 to J4 specification and the car on the right is a J2.

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Besides D0464 we had two other Ds attending – Bill’s D0253, the third D made enjoying a long awaited outing, and pictured here:

Also, John Emmett’s D0430, pictured here – trying to find some shade under the trees!

The joint MG/Triumph Day in Stafford 19/21 August has been cancelled through lack of support.

By the way I still have a few 90th Anniversary and some D Types at PreWar Prescott plaques available if anyone would like one. Just £1 each plus postage. Drop me an email.

Long term readers will recall D0298 – star of various items notably the jigsaw! Now in the hands of Dennis Klemm in the States. He tells me it is now running well and recently won Best in Show at an event in Iowa on the banks of the Mississippi!

The vote was by all participants and there is a super video to watch on YouTube which is well worth watching. It shows more detail of D0298 and Dennis and wife Crystal with their trophy and driving off at the end. Dennis also tells me he is now working on his J1!

Bits and Pieces

It is amazing that despite ‘playing’ with D Types for over thirty years now I still come across something I hadn’t realised before. This is regarding the rear brackets for the front wing which is different on the early cars, 7 foot wheelbase, to the later 7’2” wheelbase ones.

The mounting holes on the early ones are in front of the ‘cross’ bar as in this picture of the brackets in place:
Whilst on the later cars the mounting holes are behind the cross bar as pictured here:

It only becomes obvious when one tries to fit the wrong sort on the car and wonder why it doesn’t work out!

The new pair pictured above are in fact for sale from the Group at £25 plus postage for the two. Email me if interested.

I also have for sale a set of 4 conrods complete as pictured here.

Also priced at £25 the set plus postage, the proceeds for these will go to charity. Again drop me an email if interested.

Cars for sale

Tony Mowbray’s D0353 owned by him for many years and pictured here.

It has a J1 body, J2 head and an ENV gearbox. It is in excellent condition. Asking £25000 but further details from Tony on 01159 720829.

And finally another fine photo from Colin Murrell of Chris Edmundson in D0442 at VSCC Mallory Park couple of months ago.