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First the sad news that Mike Allison, who was everything MG especially Triple M, passed away on January 6th. No doubt you’ll have seen the many obituaries and tributes in all the MG publications since; some of you will have some of his books. Before he retired completely he rebuilt the engine for my D0311, still going strong after more than 20 years. Our sincere condolences to his wife Anne and the rest of the family.

2024 will be different to previous years in that there is to be no MG Live at Silverstone and no PreWar Prescott! What shall we do! MGCC Malvern at the end of June hopefully will be better than the one there just after co-vid. PreWar Prescott is replaced by a weekend of events around Ludlow in Shropshire – see Vintage Minor Register website for details.

Well, the first major event of the year was the MG Spares Day at Stoneleigh on February 11th. A good turnout generally and total visitor numbers approaching last years I suspect. At least 4 D owners present and at least 2 previous D owners!

The unofficial gathering of Triple M’ers at the Triple M Register stand at midday was well attended and good to see so many continentals there as well. Andy King, Barry Walker and several stalls of pre-war interest where there which was good to see. Also present were Bob and son Ian Holmes with an interesting stall; pictured here early in the morning, before the crowds descended.

Bob owned D0298 for many years (it is now in the States) which regular readers will recall the car being pictured on the jigsaw, greetings cards etc.etc. back in the 70’s.

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Karl Erik Soe-Knudsen in Sweden has sent me this picture of his D0381 which should be ‘on the road’ this year!

It has been rebuilt as a C/J4 look- a-like to a very high standard.

Huw Davies (Triple M Register ‘Safety Fast’ Scribe) spotted a glimpse of his D0353 on social media competing in the 1932 MCC Land’s End Trial and managed to catch a ‘still’ shown here with an up-to-date picture.

The purchaser of the original D manual, advertised in the previous Dispatch (81), is Richard Roberts who sent me this super picture of his car, none other than the sole surviving salonette D0407, on his drive.

I have a few recent pictures including those above which I intend updating the ‘Survivors’ pages on our website with. If you have a better picture than we are already showing on the site please send it to me and I will ensure it is updated.

Bits and Pieces

For those of you using or restoring a SU Petrolift and missing the correct terminal knob well Peter Frost has come to your rescue as he has manufactured some:

Just £6 each plus postage. Peter reminds me he is still making the correct transfer for the Petrolift too – as per our website ‘parts for sale’. Peter can be contacted on

M Type guru in Denmark, Jorgen Poulsen, has been making more bits including these suitable for the D Type:

Oil dip stick in stainless steel with correct aluminium top £16 plus postage.

Engine block water inlet tube, threaded in stainless steel! £13 plus postage.

Rocker cover gasket in neoprene rubber in correct size. Stick to head with a gasket sealant and enjoy no oil leaks! £13 plus postage.

Jorgen can also supply the accelerator rod complete with pedal again in stainless steel and also the correct brass brackets ( 3 required for D) .
Picture shows that required for an M Type but talk to Jorgen on

Grab Handles

I had several complaints (from my wife!) about the lack of a dashboard grab handle in the D Types. They are standard fitting in the T Type and MGA so seemed only sensible to put one in each of the D’s which I did last year.

The handle I used was just the correct shape and could be screwed to the underside of the scuttle. Make sure you fit it just far enough right to miss the glove box door knob when it is opened. The handle I used was Part No.274, 195mm long, from

This firm incorporates Paul Beck, Complete Automobilist and others. If you haven’t got one it is worth getting hold of their catalogue, pictured here, which is mine of period parts and accessories.