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I mentioned Graham Robson, the motoring historian and author, in the last issue as being the commentator for the Duke of Edinburgh at the MG Heritage Festival back in 2009; well, sad to report he passed away on the 6th August, he was 85. He was the author of some 169 motoring books, and I have 10 of his just on MGs.

Couple of months ago I posted this picture of a D Type on the Triple M Register Forum asking if anyone knew which it was and when. We knew it had been taken at the Owls Head Transport Museum in Maine, USA.

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Well after searching through the Register papers on D0494 for something else discovered it was indeed D0494, the car pictured in the last issue of Dispatch! Seems the museum have regular auctions that anyone can enter a car for sale in and have done for many years. It was taken in 1981 the car having been put up for sale by the widow of the chap who brought it back from Germany sometime in the sixties. It was bought and restored then by Harry Pierce who lived in Maine to – see the YouTube video – search on MG D Type. As mentioned in Dispatch 71 Now in the ownership of Tom Goodyear who is restoring the car again.

I attended the Triumph/MG Spares Weekend on August 14th a brave attempt to put on something after so many months of lockdown but a failure from my perspective. Predominantly Triumph in stalls and cars but only about half the stalls one usually saw at Stoneleigh and only Moss of the larger trade people were there. There were quite a few MGAs, many Bs and loads of modern Fs and newer models – but of T Types and Pre War MG there were less than 20 in total! The entrance fee for the day of £25 was far too much in my opinion for what was on offer.

We sadly lost another friend back in April, John Duncan, long term owner of D0274. I met him a couple of times at Silverstone some years ago now, but he always rang each year for, as he called it – our annual chat. Despite his Newcastle accent and my Gloucestershire one we understood each other!

Pre-War Prescott

As you know this has been moved to 11th September now, sadly not everyone booked in for the original date in July can manage the new date but look forward to seeing as many Ds as possible!

I have some new plaques with the September date on and I will bring these to the event.

I will also bring a few 90th Anniversary plaques with me too.

If you not attending but would like either plaque just let me know. I can send either or both at just £1 each plus postage.

Racing D’s

Not many of us D folks are racers but it is good to see the ones amongst us that are! Here are some stunning pictures from Colin Murrell taken at the VSCC Mallory Park meeting on Sunday 22nd August, just ten days ago.

The first is of D0495 and very good to see Onno Koneman over from Holland for the event and apparently did some useful grass mowing on a corner or two!

Bits and Pieces


Firstly, I am in the middle of another 3 speed gearbox rebuild – they are not as difficult as you may think especially as they have no synchromesh! New bearings can be inserted and layshafts if you can find them and, if you have any spare bits, gear clusters etc. you can pick out the best and insert them.

I have an exploded diagram of it which includes the clutch too. The gearbox for the Morris Minor, MG M Type and the D Type were virtually identical, all be it the D had is own remote control. I can email this diagram on request.

I also have an exploded diagram of the 4 speed box ( J Type or similar) which I have in D0311; if you would like this by email – again just let me know.

Steering wheel bolt and washer

M Type guru in Denmark, Jorgen Poulsen, has made some magnificent steering wheel bolts and washers. Superbly made and well chromed as illustrated here:

They fit, and were standard on the Adamant steering column, common to the M and D and some others? They are first class and for sale at £27 each set plus £6 postage to UK. Just email Jorgen at he will take PayPal.


Steering Column Stalk

Nobody seems at all sure where the horn and dipswitch went on the D originally, or the J1 for that matter and the F1’s had their own stalk. There was an after market stalk made at the time but these are difficult to find now (see Dispatch 23). Garry Waiting has successfully made a pattern from the better original for casting and had some first offs as in the attached picture.

The picture shows the back of the new stalk with the cable entry point. A minimum order of 10 is required and the castings will come as in the picture so will need cutting, drilling, tapping, filing and smoothing. The price would be £50. The ‘standard’ triple M horn/dip switch can be adapted to fit or the T Type one. Let me know in the first instance if you would be interested.

Adamant Steering gears

Bill Grayling has for sale a set of new gears for the Adamant Steering box. These were purchased some years ago now – they were tested for fit but unused – still with original wrapping.

Contact Bill direct . £350 plus postage. (£450 – £500 when new and obtainable).